Creating a healthy, feel-good environment

Carbon Therm: the ultimate energy-saving and efficient heating solution.

CarbonTherm provides reliable, efficient, and cost-effective heating solutions for your home or office. With cutting-edge technology, you can experience comfortable warmth without damaging the environment. Say goodbye to outdated heating methods and switch to CarbonTherm for a sustainable and effective heating system that meets all your needs. Join satisfied CarbonTherm customers today and experience the future of heating!

Ceiling Installation

This material ensures excellent and consistent distribution of radiant heat when installed in the ceiling.

Floor Installation

In addition to providing efficient heating, CarbonTHERM can be combined with virtually any floor covering

Wall Installation

The heating film can be fitted with wall plugs and screws for the attachment of pictures and shelves.

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Experience all the many benefits of pleasant heat

An excellent choice for renovations and construction projects in both commercial and residential settings.

CarbonTHERM is a cutting-edge radiant heating system that can be incorporated into both new and existing buildings. This system is designed to emit comfortable warmth from the ceiling, wall, and floor, resulting in a healthy and enjoyable environment in any space.


Carbon Heating Solutions

If you are seeking a heating solution that can offer you optimal warmth and comfort while remaining cost-effective, then you need look no further than CarbonTHERM radiant heating systems. These cutting-edge systems are not only highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly but also boast low investment and operational expenses. Thus, you can bask in a warm and cozy abode without any concerns regarding exorbitant bills.

Floor installation with CarbonTHERM

It is extremely easy and hassle-free to combine CarbonTHERM with any type of flooring. Additionally, there are no issues whatsoever when it comes to drilling afterwards.

Ceiling installation with CarbonTHERM

After plastering, the ceiling installation can be painted or wallpapered without any issue. Additionally, electrical outlets can be easily added at a later time.

Wall installation with CarbonTHERM

CarbonTHERM does not stifle creativity. You can apply it to walls and still bring your design ideas to life with confidence afterward.


The many advantages you enjoy with CarbonTHERM

Take this chance to create entirely new room designs without having to factor in radiators and convectors.

Infrared heating (2)

Healthy infrared heating for your comfort.

There is no health risk associated with long waves of infrared radiant heat, and they will keep the air from getting too dry.

Good-bye to dust

Do you have a dust allergy? CarbonTHERM generates less dust than other systems because it does not create intensive air flows that increase dust levels.

High Heat Delivery

Spreads heat evenly

The CarbonTherm uses an even heating system to keep the thermal balance of the body at its optimal levels while keeping a room warm. This makes it better than radiator heating.

Decorative Coating- Carbon Heating

Install under decorative coating

Because CarbonTherm sheets are connected by soldering, you can safely install and cover with ceramic tiles, decorative plaster, paint, laminate flooring, hardwood, carpet and linoleum.

High efficiency (1)

High efficiency

In comparison to traditional heating systems, CarbonTherm consumes only 40 - 60W per square meter and has a system efficiency of 2.5 to 3 times greater.

Temperature Control

Set Temperature as desired

CarbonTherm temperature controllers make it easy to set regular and comfortable temperatures.

Why Choose CarbonTHERM?

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Floating floor-heating ComfortFilm installation

Installation of CarbonTherm ComforFilm for Indoor Floor Coverings and Ceiling Applications

Floating Floor Applications

In addition to providing heat insulation, this also compensates for uneven floors.

A heating system that utilizes radiant heating technology evenly distributes warmth throughout the space, providing greater comfort and reducing energy costs.

Full surface heating

CarbonTHERM ComforFilm offers exceptional residential heating with a low voltage, making it easy to install on walls, ceilings, and floors. Its radiant heating provides a cozy and comfortable atmosphere throughout your home.


The thickness provides better durability and can withstand more wear and tear.

0.5mm thick

With CarbonTHERM, users can enjoy not only significant savings on repair costs but also the assurance of peace of mind.

It does not require annual repair

Our product provides exceptional durability that minimizes the requirement for frequent replacements.

Over 20 years of life expectancy

Floor Installation

Combining CarbonTHERM with any flooring type is effortless. Furthermore, drilling for items like doorstops poses no issue.

Wall Installation

Wall plugs and screws can be used to affix pictures and shelves to the heated areas of the heating film, allowing you to express your personal design style.

Ceiling Installation

Installing the material in the ceiling ensures even, reliable distribution of radiant heat, allowing for painting and wallpapering after plastering. Additionally, adding electrical outlets is not an issue after installation.

CarbonTHERM Material Summary


CarbonTHERM heating film can be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing warmth to flooring, walls, and ceilings in residential and commercial buildings, as well as being ideal for mass transportation vehicles like railcars, buses, and cruise ships. Its reliable and efficient heating capabilities make it an ideal choice for any application.

CarbonTHERM has earned a stellar reputation due to its remarkable chemical resistance, its robustness, and its superior fatigue resistance. It is a flat and consistent material that is easy to manage.

CarbonTHERM is compatible with a wide range of flooring materials and coatings, making it easy to incorporate into your project.

Yes, CarbonTHERM has a compatible surface material that is designed to bond effectively with various types of other  materials. These surface materials have been specifically developed to ensure strong adhesion and durability in bonding applications.

CarbonTHERM is a highly economical and energy-efficient solution for heating systems. With its advanced technology, it ensures efficient usage of energy, resulting in significant cost savings.

One of the key advantages of CarbonTHERM is its ability to provide an even distribution of heat. This feature ensures that every corner of the room receives the desired warmth, leaving no cold spots behind. It creates a comfortable living environment, allowing individuals to enjoy optimal thermal comfort throughout the space.

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