Creating a healthy, feel-good environment

Ceiling Installation

CarbonTHERM – the complete heating system for new buildings and for the modernisation of existing buildings


Ceiling installation with CarbonTHERM

Enjoy comforting heat emitted from the ceiling fosters a wholesome ambiance in any space.

Installed in the ceiling, the material guarantees excellent, consistent distribution of the radiant heat. It can be painted and wallpapered after plastering. It is no problem to add electrical outlets afterwards.

The advantages of the CarbonTHERM heating system

This example shows a heating system installed in the ceiling, the material guarantees excellent, consistent distribution of the radiant heat.
Carbon Therm Holes, Lamps

Ceiling Installation

It is possible to paint and wallpaper it after plastering. Electrical outlets can be added later without any problem.

CarbonTHERM’s thickness of strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and strength, making it highly versatile and durable for a wide range of uses.

0.4mm Thickness

The Optimum system from CarboTHERM is designed to enhance energy efficiency, resulting in substantial cost savings and longer lifespan.

Optimum system viability

CarbonTHERM was designed to enhance high mould prevention and furthermore create a healthy, feel-good environment.

Environmental Friendly

This groundbreaking solution offers a cost-effective choice for introducing carbon capture and storage in various environments.

Low Investment Cost

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Introducing the most energy-efficient and user-friendly plug and play far-infrared ceiling heating system currently on the market! This system effortlessly integrates into suspended ceilings, whether in residential or commercial settings. Not only does it save you precious installation time, but it also helps reduce your energy expenses, providing you with cost-effective heating solutions.


Installation With Four Simple Steps

powerboard installation 1

Hang the PowerBoard on the suspended ceiling profiles

Powerboard installation 2

Screw PowerBoard in place

Powerbaord installation 3

Connect the Plug-and-Play cable tree system

Powerboard installation 4

Apply plaster on the surface of PowerBoard (same as standard ceiling gypsum board)

Advantages of PowerBoard


High Energy Savings

It uses 30% less energy than traditional A/C or UFC


Far-Infrared Heating

6-15um Radiant Heat Radiant Heat


Zero Maintanence

10 Year Warranty


Plug & Play Installation

12min/Board Install Time


Heat-Up Time

10 Minute Heat-Up TimeIdeal For Zoned Heating


Surface Coverage

Only 15-25% Surface Coverage

Why Choose PowerBoard

Radiant heat-
Play Video about Radiant heat-
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