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CarbonTHERM – the complete heating system for new buildings and for the modernisation of existing buildings

Ceiling Heating

Experience the superior heating performance of CarbonTherm’s direct surface heaters. Now, you can achieve optimal surface temperature control with the recommended use of a temperature controller in conjunction with our radiant heaters. However, for situations where speed is not a concern, our heaters can be programmed to operate at maximum steady state temperatures via a programmable power timer switch on/off control. 

Take advantage of our efficiency-boosting feature by dividing larger areas into smaller zones for more manageable power and control. Trust CarbonTherm for a highly efficient and speedy heating solution for your various needs.

Ceiling Installation with CarbonTHERM

Preparing the surface with an adhesive bed

Looking to create a perfect surface for your CarbonTHERM heating film? All you need to do is start by ensuring that the surface is smooth and free of any loose plaster or paint residue. Level out any major unevenness and let the surface dry completely before moving forward. Furthermore, to create a consistent adhesive bed for your heating film, use a reliable adhesive compound such as dispersion spackling compound, flex tile, adhesive, or plaster system. With these simple steps, you can enjoy a hassle-free installation process and enjoy the warmth and comfort of CarbonTHERM heating film.

Laying the CarbonTHERM heating film material

Transform your space with ease using CarbonTHERM heating film material. This innovative product comes with 15cm connection cables and can be laid on the ceiling or wall just like wallpaper. Thanks to its lightweight and strong adhesive properties, even ceiling installation can be done effortlessly by one person.

Pressing CarbonTHERM into the adhesive bed

To ensure that CarbonTHERM is properly bonded, applying it evenly to your walls or ceiling with our specially designed smoothing trowel. Because our adhesive is expertly formulated to provide complete coverage, it ensures a strong bond between the heating film and the top layer. You just need to make sure to keep the connection cables accessible for easy electrical connection. 

Electrical connection by a professional

Special CarbonTHERM crimped terminals are used to connect the ends of the connection cables, and shrinkwrap is applied to prevent contact corrosion. The CarbonTHERM safety extra low voltage power unit can be connected directly or via a Carbon THERM Y-connector to the stub. This stub can then be used to connect several heating films. Additionally, junction boxes can be used as well. It is essential that the cable cross-sections are of the proper dimensions. For safety reasons, it is necessary for electrical connection of the CarbonTHERM system to be done by a qualified electrician.

Final spackling, plastering

Depending on the intended purpose and design, the wall or ceiling must be finished with an appropriate top layer. It also highly recommended to allow any spackling or plastering compound used to fully dry before any additional steps are completed.

Smoothing, painting, wallpapering

If you want to achieve the surface quality you desire, it’s recommended to use the appropriate smoothing equipment. Furthermore, there are choices like painting or wallpapering that you can consider as well.

Subsequent drilling of holes, e. g. for lamps

It is imperative to note that lamps or plug sockets with a maximum diameter of 70mm can be installed within the CarbonTHERM heating areas of a wall or ceiling. However, it is vital to exercise caution during the installation process to avoid causing any damage to the copper strips on the sides. To locate the copper strips, a basic metal and cable detection unit must be utilized.

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