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CarbonTHERM – the complete heating system for new buildings and for the modernisation of existing buildings


CarbonTHERM heating solution

Are you in need of an efficient way to keep your home or commercial space warm? Our team has the experience and skill to provide the perfect solution for you.


CarbonTHERM heating film can be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing warmth to flooring, walls, and ceilings in residential and commercial buildings, as well as being ideal for mass transportation vehicles like railcars, buses, and cruise ships. Its reliable and efficient heating capabilities make it an ideal choice for any application.

CarbonTherm uses a thin film of carbon fiber that is connected by soldering and attached to a power supply. The film generates infrared radiant heat when electricity passes through it, which warms up the objects and people in the room directly, without heating up the air. The film can be installed under any decorative coating, such as ceramic tiles, plaster, paint, laminate flooring, hardwood, carpet, or linoleum

CarbonTHERM is compatible with a wide range of flooring materials and coatings, making it easy to incorporate into your project.

Yes, CarbonTHERM has a compatible surface material that is designed to bond effectively with various types of other  materials. These surface materials have been specifically developed to ensure strong adhesion and durability in bonding applications.

CarbonTherm offers many advantages, such as:

  • Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Low investment and operational expenses
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable heating solution
  • No health risk or dust allergy associated with infrared radiant heat4
  • Even distribution of heat throughout the space
  • Easy installation and compatibility with any floor covering, wall design, or ceiling application
  • Long life expectancy and low maintenance

The installation time of CarbonTherm depends on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the type of floor covering, wall design, or ceiling application. However, CarbonTherm is known for its easy and fast installation process, which can be completed in a matter of days or even hours, depending on the circumstances. The installation process involves laying down the carbon fiber film on the surface, connecting it to the power supply, and testing the system for optimal performance. The installation team will also provide you with instructions on how to operate and maintain your CarbonTherm system after it is installed.

CarbonTherm is known for its high energy efficiency and low operational costs, compared to other heating systems such as gas furnaces, electric baseboards, or forced-air systems. CarbonTherm emits radiant heat that warms up the objects and people in the room directly, without heating up the air, which results in a more comfortable and healthy environment. CarbonTherm also offers even distribution of heat throughout the space, which eliminates cold spots or drafts. Moreover, CarbonTherm is eco-friendly and sustainable, as it does not produce any greenhouse gases or pollutants, and it can be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines. Overall, CarbonTherm is a smart choice for anyone who wants to save money, energy, and the planet.

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